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Sins Tixati update 2.89 problems.

by Guest on 2022/07/22 09:58:56 AM    
Sins Tixati update 2.89 i have port problems.

Many years i use Tixati with no problems until the update to 2.89 since then i have port problems.

I've entered hundreds of different port numbers and the problems continue "cannot listen to incoming data"  

if i click ignore continue the downloads will normal be downloaded.

Normally Tixati should work with my UPNP router without any problems.

my router takes care of UPNP automatically.  I have reset my router to factory settings en an new install, this was not a solution.

How can i fix this problem?  

Lex Amsterdam.NL
by notaLamer on 2022/07/22 05:28:49 PM    
Your router can support UPnP, but does your provider give your router a "white" IPv4 & IPv6 to work with? That is the question.

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