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REQ: search facility over file list of new-torrent pop-up

by Shellsunder on 2022/07/18 10:42:43 PM    
Occasionally, I download one or another file from compendiums that contain many dozens, even hundreds of files, often organized into multiple nested sub-directories, sometimes many levels deep.  I wish you would implement even a limited search facility in the new-torrent pop-up, to help users select particular subsets of or individual files from among many in a single torrent.  A regex search would be great, but even alphabetization starting from an arbitrary offset in the file names would be valuable.  With this filtering, users would be able to much more easily select the particular files they wish to download, or easily specify those to which they wish to assign a given priority.  Now, I'm usually forced to read each file name and many times individually make my on or off selections and download or seed priority specifications.

It seems a simple idea - I'm sure it's been considered.  Thanks for your consideration to implement it.
by janet on 2022/07/19 11:16:43 AM    
The Devs tell me that this feature is coming very soon.... Stay tuned.
by Shellsunder on 2022/08/30 03:00:32 AM    
Just downloaded and installed 3.11.
Thanks very much, you've added a search capability, as you said.

The search addresses important needs of those who have tens or hundreds of transfers running, whether downloading or seeding.  In addition, you've added further support for such with "categories", and in the layout customization facility, too.  All very good.

I'd like to ask of you now to extend the scope and functionality of the search within the result of the filtering of the files being transferred.  Presently, if a particular string appears among the files of one or more transfers (or other of its components or details), those transfers are returned and those that are absent of the string are hidden.  Please consider adding a sort of group action capability to the filter results, as follows:

With the files of a transfer displayed, a search within those files would return a subset of the files.  One could then set various transfer parameters for all those returned files as one.  For instance, I could search for "Zelazny" among all the files in a given transfer or set of transfers.  The filter would return all the filenames that contain the desired substring.  I could then select all or some of the returned files, all of which would contain the string "Zelazny", and set them - all at once - to a given download priority.

Thanks for your continued work and for your interest and consideration.
by Shellsunder on 2022/08/30 03:23:06 AM    
I wish to add, to the end of the last full paragraph, just above, that although Tixati allows for such simultaneous action now, it's often very difficult to find, select and set simultaneously many files within transfers that contain hundreds or thousands of files distributed across many varied or deeply-nested subdirectories, and it's presently impossible to do so simultaneously across multiple transfers.

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