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Files .magnet  do  not  open with Tixati  but  another  software

by nikita75 on 2022/07/16 06:39:36 PM    
Hello everybody -

I updated Tixati to the latest version 2.89 -
When I click on the .magnet file - BitComet opens and no longer opens TIXATI - I use windows 7 pro - From my Windows 7 control panel I set the opening of the .magnet file with Tixati as the default program, but without any effect ; the BIT COMET program always unintentionally opens the .magnet file - Why is Tixati no longer the default program after the update ?? Can I disable BIT COMET ?? is it possible to modify a registry key with REGEDIT ??I want to make Tixati back as my default program for opening files. torrent and .magnet Give me your precious suggestion

Tank you  very  much
Nikita 75  -
by nikita75 on 2022/07/22 05:10:46 PM    
by notaLamer on 2022/07/22 05:38:08 PM    
See this wiki page:
Disable checkboxes, exit settings. Enable checkboxes, exit settings. This will cause Tixati to register file associations again. If this doesn't help then long troubleshooting is required to see what Bitcomet/Tixati do differently in registry.

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