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Speed Up Tixati Downloads

by ASmith on 2022/07/16 06:51:14 AM    
I'm interested in what Tixati users have done to dynamically increase their DL (download speeds). I'm coming from Qbittorrent where 10 MB/sec DL's were common place.

Now it appears the defaults are 1 MB/sec DL's on Tixati and users need to tweak the defaults to ramp the DL speeds up. Obviously this takes into account enough seeders with high bandwidth to support what I am asking for, therefore in regards to this question, that's a given.

I see 7 years of Tixati forum users requesting the vitally needed and used swarm increasing bandwidth ability. Was that added as of 2022 to Tixati?
by gsus on 2022/07/18 12:46:08 AM    
Check you cpu use, tixati is bad at high bandwith because exccesive CPU use.
by ASmith on 2022/07/20 10:00:59 PM    
CPU use is 16-30% tops, that is not the issue. The issue is pushing Tixati over 5MB when Qbittorrent routinely reached 11MB/sec. Qbittorrent is also a RAM hog consuming a great deal of RAM regardless of DL torrents or not which led me to switch over to Tixati.

Tixati however appears to have a steep learning curve and even then, there's multiple confusing settings and lack of settings even for simple tasks like automatically add a torrent and being pulling that down, NOT ask me to save, approve every time.

None of the Tixati developers platforms such as Fopnu automatically switch to a updated VPN address which periodically changes pushing the platform dead in the water until that is caught by the user and manually instructed yes that is the new VPN address.

Sometimes the .torrent file is properly copied over to my completed torrents folder pool, sometimes not. I have to manually go back over the Tixati saved .torrent file folder and copy any .torrent files not found in my completed torrents folder regardless of all of those .torrents have fully completed their transfers.

The tracking screens of active peers and seeders seems confusing also. At a mere glance Qbittorrent tells me what trackers are loaded with peers and active seeders and which are not. Trackers that are working are easily able to be bumped up to the top if needed to energize a stalled torrent on Qbittorrent. That ability if it exists seems buried or hidden in Tixati, at least to my less than 1 month using Tixati.

Reinventing the Wheel on broadband settings seems rather silly, however the lack of input on this post suggests many are in the same boat. I'll review the optimizing help page and continue tweaking the settings and seeing if there's any upward slow increases in download speeds from adequate numbers of active peers.

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