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Humble request for new seeding option

by Guest on 2022/07/13 01:35:35 AM    
Hello Tixati!

I am a long time Tixati user and financial contributor.

I would humbly like to suggest an enhancement to Tixati on this panel:

Under Transfers→Options→Seeding→Upload Ratio Limit

A third checkbox that says:

“Stop on upload ratio at or above <box> and idle”

Currently, the “Stop on upload ratio at or above <box>” means that we are going to cut someone off right in the middle of their upload.  Kind of rude - we get them all fired up they found that rare file, then when the upload gets to, say, 80%, we cut them off.  It has happened to me several times and that last little bit never downloads.  Annoying.

With the new checkbox, we keep uploading until they get their file before we cut them off.  It's more decent.

I am hoping it is a relatively small change…. add the checkbox and then check the item to see if it is over the upload limit and also “B/S OUT” is zero.

It would be excellent if this feature were also on the Category properties→Seeding panel.

Thank you for reading!  And keep up the fine work - Tixati is the best torrent app out there.

Best Regards,

by Guest on 2022/07/14 02:53:55 AM    
Good suggestion
by Guest on 2022/08/06 10:44:43 PM    
Soft cut-off, rather than the hard one we have now. I like it. Allow the peers being connected and transferring to finish, but close the doors for new ones.

by Guest on 2022/08/15 06:00:20 PM    
I'd say simple solution is to not use the shut-off by ratio. Why stop sharing? My overall ratio is about 17:1. I have one torrent that I have reshared over 1000 times.

Also, the suggested feature would fail if the peer disconnected for any reason, unless there was some sort of remembering peers for that particular torrent. How else would they be allowed the exception so as to finish DLing the torrent they started?

I suggest just keep sharing. Ignore the ratio. This build a healthier, more robust community.

My purpose is to serve files. I do not care about any particular ratios. I am here to UpLoad in "Pay It Forward" fashion. Some will share and reshare. Others won't. I will not waste my life, my time, micromanaging in and out packet ratios.

I have very limited BW resources from one of my locations. On it I set a very low seed limit. For example, many torrents have a seed limit of 1 or 2. So if there are more other seeds, then they don't need my BW. As a result, my UL BW is almost always maxed out serving files for which there are no other seeds at all. If I find I have sustained idle outgoing BW, I will raise the seed limit until the BW maxes out at the ISP limit.
by ZarkBit on 2022/08/16 10:14:18 AM    
So when a torrent hits its ratio limit, it filters all new connections but lets the currently connected leechers finish their Download.

That's actually useful.

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