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[FEATURE REQUEST] RSS: Ignore Subsequent Matches for n Days

by Michael_T on 2022/07/10 09:32:49 AM    
This is the only feature I miss from qBittorrent. It just prevents the client from downloading multiple copies of a file that the filter catches for a set number of days.

Thanks to the developer for all the hard work.
by Engenia on 2022/07/19 12:32:38 AM    
I agree. Tixati will waste an awful lot of drive space by grabbing repeats that are not needed, and will only ruin seeding ratios and bandwidth. Ignoring subsequent matches for a set time, or forever, will solve this problem. The episode filter goes someway towards this end, but does not solve the problem. qBittorrent has.
by Guest on 2022/07/20 02:34:14 PM    
Yeah, for me it's because I download a lot of sporting events on a weekly basis. When an event comes out, there might be 4 or 5 versions of it being posted within a time span of a couple of hours. If I don't jump on it and stop the feed, I end up with 25 gigs of the same event.

Last week I went into the feed processing options and set the Auto-Download item file count limit to 1 and it seemed to work fine. This week I’m hoping I can just turn the feed back on again and do the same thing.

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