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Wrong percentages in the progress bar

by Guest on 2022/07/07 06:54:38 PM    
Once downloaded, I decided to move a sub-folder of a torrent, which I did via Tixati, and then delete some of its files because I actually didn't need them. I did a force-check on the moved sub-folder and now Tixati shows a small positive percentage, like 1-5%, for the files I deleted instead of 0%. Does anyone know why this happens? The torrent says Complete - Offline btw.
by Guest on 2022/07/08 02:17:57 AM    
are those pieces beginning and/or end pieces?
they are probably being stored in the 'incomplete pieces' folder.
by Guest on 2022/07/08 10:23:14 AM    
OP here. It appears so, yes. So it's kinda normal for a selective download, if I understand correctly.

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