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FEATURE REUQEST - exit.dat (semaphore file for tixati terminate)

by Guest on 2022/07/06 02:08:58 PM    
Why is he only one?

Tixati creates a lock.dat semaphore file during startup, which allows scripts to track its status or crash.

Sometimes it is necessary to terminate tixati correctly remotely, for example, to backup a BD.
Please add the "exit.dat" semaphore file, when it appears in the working directory, the program would end, as if the "exit" button was clicked with the mouse.

In some cases, the system freezes, the UI is not available, and creating exit.dat via scp is the only way to exit it correctly!

WBR, hikikomori.
by Guest on 2022/07/21 11:12:00 PM    
Hi, DEVs?
by notaLamer on 2022/07/22 05:34:39 PM    
Windows or Linux?
This is something that should and must be done outside of Tixati.
1. Set Task Scheduler (cron) task to run a batch script every minute:
2. Task checks if "exit.dat" exists
3. If file exists: remove file, stop Tixati with: taskkill /pid <tixati process id>
4. Sleep for 60-120s
5. If Tixati process still exists (frozen or buggy) then KILL it with: taskkill /im ...

Similar approach for Linux
by hikikomori on 2024/01/26 05:55:07 PM    
> taskkill /pid <tixati process id>

If it were that simple, I wouldn't create this topic. I have already encountered the fact that terminate task to database corruption. Let tixati terminate itself based on the flag, and not be interrupted by the system.

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