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Prefer to listen on temporary IPv6 addresses

by Guest on 2022/06/22 12:15:18 PM    

would it be possible to prefer listening on temporary IPv6 addresses (instead of the actual, static one)? The problem with the current behavior is that the interface part of the actual IPv6 address, which is generated one time when RandomizeIdentifiers is on, or even derived from the unique MAC address (EUI64) otherwise, never changes and thus can be easily tracked.
Preferring temp. IPv6 addresses (which are totally random and change regularly) would at least allow to prevent some tracking.

The requested feature is the logical counterpart to the one that allows changing ports regularly.

Thanks for considering!
by notaLamer on 2022/06/23 11:24:17 PM    
Are you aware that the first half of your IPv6 address will NEVER change for your household?
* Your ISP has the following range: 2001:db8:4422::/48 (2001:db8:4422:0:x:x:x:x to 2001:db8:4422:ffff:x:x:x:x)
* Your router will receive an address like 2001:db8:4422:6666::/64
* The last four blocks of x:x:x:x will be under total control of your router. This is what /64 stands for, your local network has 128-64=64 bits to assign random addresses etc.
* Your router's address is intended to never change. This isn't IPv4 with dynamic IP allocations or NAT.
* Whether your internal x:x:x:x part of the address changes doesn't matter. It's still known which household you belong to.

Even if the local IPv6 used is the temporary address. What then? Someone who's surveilling the DHT and peers will most certainly only go by your router's IP address. If the contents shared by your client don't change, they'll still know that the same user uses old temporary IP => new temporary IP.
There's even a downside. IPv6 does provide excellent connectivity when not stopped by a firewall. A client that remembers your IP from last time can connect to you instantly, without waiting for DHT or trackers. If the temporary IP is used, you'll force the detour to happen.

I understand this isn't a wrong suggestion and if this is added, it'll nicely complement Tixati's DHT node ID changer. What about the peer ID? I know it's different per-torrent, but does it ever change automatically?
by Guest on 2022/06/24 01:43:02 PM    
I'm very well aware of anything you've written, and can assure you that I'm not requesting any features "just for fun".

My ISP grants anything from a /64 to a /56 prefix ID, depending on what you request. There's plenty of variety if you want, And I take care of that myself, together with regularly changing the IPv4.
The complimentary part, the interface ID, is static, and I had no success so far changing it. Even with RandomizeIdentifiers on, it is completely static and just doesn't expose the EUI64 anymore.

We have temporary IPv6 addresses with the IPv6 privacy extensions, now I simply want Tixati to make use of this feature. Currently, it always uses the static IPv6 when you opt for listening on the network adaptor. Granted, you can set it to listen on the temporary address, but it won't automatically change over and starts displaying error messages.

And no, I don't want clients to remember my IP.

My node ID changes every day. Peer ID, probably not, but it's per Torrent and Torrents change regularly (I don't have monster-sized ones).

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