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Development Update June 11 2022

by KH on 2022/06/11 10:53:52 AM    
We are getting near the end of a major overhaul of the core functions of the program.  There are many things that were updated, BT v2 will be supported, as well as hybrid torrents.  Several other areas were completely re-written and updated along the way, such as the trackers and peers and local file handling.

I hope this will be fully done and released in a few more weeks.  I am just finishing the final details now and starting the initial rounds of rough in-house testing and debugging.

Much testing will be needed.  We may do a public alpha test, but I haven't decided just yet.

Once this is all done, there are many of your suggestions I will be working on.  Please just hang in there.
by Guest on 2022/06/11 05:00:42 PM    
Excellent! Thanks!
by Bugmagnet on 2022/06/12 03:26:51 AM    
We hang together.

Standing back and standing by, in case some pressure testing is needed. Least we can do, besides donating.
by CivilPDX on 2022/06/12 05:43:57 PM    
Fantastic news to look forward to!
by Guest on 2022/06/13 05:04:28 AM    
Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear v2 and hybrid torrents will be supported. When this gets released in a stable version, I'll definitely be making a donation. A public beta or alpha sounds like a good idea whenever there are major changes like this. I wouldn't mind testing it in a VM. And maybe run it on my computer if it were beta.
by ZarkBit on 2022/06/23 06:44:21 PM    
Thank you for the notice in advance, this is definitely exciting news.

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