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Incomplete Transfers Disappear after Tixati Restart

by Guest on 2022/06/10 05:41:55 PM    
Pretty much the title says it all. Whenever I restart Tixati, the incompleted transfers are gone.
by Guest on 2022/06/11 03:00:42 AM    
what OS and what version of Tixati?
in the settings-transfers-files, do you use the 'incomplete file name format' option?
do you see the incomplete file in you downloads folder? before and after tixati restart?
do any other files disappear?
so, if you start a file downloading and then close and restart tixati the file will be gone?
how long was it running for?
if it completes and then you restart does the file still disappear, or is everything normal?
by Guest on 2022/06/11 08:47:50 AM    
Make sure you wait for Tixati to save the temporary data.

If your computer is slow or you HDD is slow, AND you shutdown the computer, then the temp data is NOT saved and the list reverts to an earlier save???

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