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Why are the Recent Updates of Tixati so temperamental???

by Guest on 2022/06/08 12:29:44 AM    
Why are the Recent Updates of Tixati so temperamental???

Sometimes it feels like you have to stare at the client for it to connect to users and start download, and it feels like you need to babysit this client and coaxing it for it to work!!!

And if the screen goes off (without going into sleep) it stops downloading!!! Grrr

Sometimes I need to FORCE UNCHOKE AND EVEN FORCE CHOKE AN IP for the client to connect!!!

by Guest on 2022/06/09 05:23:02 PM    
works normal here
by Guest on 2022/06/10 04:41:25 PM    
This is so weird !!!

There are seeders, but tixati cannot see them. Why???

Is the "ratio" function in Tixati??? Coz I am just anonymous and not really member of the trackers
by Guest on 2022/06/11 11:42:15 AM    
Tixati appears to be slow to start up, but this behavior is normal.
The number of UDP slots is limited, and can be adjusted in the settings. Tixati polls a few peers/seeds at a time and waits for a response before polling others.
I download and seed 100+ torrents simultaneously. Polling all of them takes some time, as expected, especially if there are many peers and seeds in each torrent.
There's nothing "temperamental" about this behavior.
If you want to increase the "boot" time you just need to limit the number of torrents in the queue.
by Guest on 2022/06/13 12:16:36 PM    
HI, I only download the default 8x torrents in the queue at most, maybe more is they are stuck at 99% BUT no more than 20; if someone asks for a re seed then I jump on, but i am from my laptop.

Where do I change the number of IPs to poll rather than the number of torrents to download???

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