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DHT incoming port problem?

by Guest on 2022/05/28 07:02:45 PM    
So after using Tixati a while (I don't know exactly from which version it started) I started getting DHT:IP:port errors with a access denied. Portforward etc showed the port being open (UDP as well as TCP) so I searched the dredged of duckduckgo and came across a threat that said well if you use any port over 49999 (aka 50000 and up) for Tixati it will give this error.

So I always used a port in the 5XXXX changed the port number to in the 4XXXX range and the error disappeared.

I think this is kind of weird as it feels like you are excluding like a 15000 (15553) range of ports to be able to be used.

To be honest I did not check if this error would disappear if I would use a port in the 6XXXX range but just wanted to say it feels kind of weird by just changing the port in the router, tixati and the firewall the error would disappear so I feel like it might be a problem with Tixati.

Just as some extra info I'm using Caiway as a provider and have my router connected directly to FTU (NTU) of the provider (which is allowed here in the Netherlands). I have no problems using the VPN of my router and highly doubt Caiway / Delta is blocking uncommon ports.
by notaLamer on 2022/06/02 02:02:19 AM    
if you use any port over 49999 (aka 50000 and up) for Tixati it will give this error.
Then something blocks Tixati taking that port (Windows, firewall, port already taken etc.) or something outside blocks traffic for that port (ISP or VPN, maybe it's already taken on their end?).
I've had some of these port checker tools lie to me. If Tixati says port is blocked/unconfirmed then it really is. Port-forwarding is hard to get right but it's essential to get Bittorrent to work flawlessly.
by Guest on 2022/06/03 11:11:04 AM    
The only problem is that it's only DHT that says this the Tixati port itself (incoming connections) just gives status: Listening / OK

Okay nvm idk what happened it probably has something to do with the update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or whatever that the ports needed to be re-added to the Windows Firewall (probably because the profiles it uses are slightly different or something) because now it seems to just work. (No idea why it was able to download and gave the status: Listening / OK though while it only semi-worked).

Thanks for the info though making me check it again as well I'm not super with networking but since living on my own and having my own router on the NTU / FTU of the provider I did do portforwarding quite strict (as in only something for the torrents is open for all other things that I need to do I just use VPN to connect to the internal network). I wouldn't have guessed Windows itself broke the firewall of itself or whatever.

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