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[Feature Request] Allow multiple connections from the same IP

by Guest on 2022/05/27 05:32:25 AM    
Can we get an option to allow multiple connections from the same IP? In the old days, everyone ran their torrent client directly from their home internet and it was a safe assumption that each IP only had one legitimate client behind it. Back then, 2 peers with the same IP was probably a scheme to leech faster. But that's no longer a safe assumption these days. I present two major use cases:

1. Using Tixati on VPNs that allow port forwarding but which also perform SNAT so that the source address of all incoming connections come from the same RFC 1918 address. It's impossible to get more than one incoming connection per torrent right now (NAT hole-punching notwithstanding, but that doesn't always work). I don't think any of the protocol designers ever imagined that the average person would end up in this situation 20 years later.

2. Connecting to peers that are behind a VPN or on a seedbox with a shared IP. I've seen torrents where there are 5 or 6 peers on the same VPN IP. It's no longer a given that each unique peer will have a unique IP.

I fall into use case 1 and had to resort to using one of the Java-based clients that have this feature in order to get any decent speed for torrents where most of the swarm didn't accept incoming connections. Having it in Tixati would make life so much better.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

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