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API / Json Feed

by Guest on 2022/05/24 05:53:32 PM    
Hi there,

Firstly I'd like to say thanks for a great program which I have been using for years now and recommended to others.

Currently I have a basic integration where I use the Web interface you provide to automate adding, removing and monitoring downloads. Obviously this comes with some downsides like if the format of thr webpage is changed it breaks the interface I've created etc.

I was wondering what the possibility would be of adding a couple of options to provide the data in json format. The list of current downloads, basically the info shown in the table / Web interface but just in json so it's easier to work with. Also then a call to get specific details of a particular download in json. Finally if possible an api call to add a magnet link or to remove an existing download

I'm a developer myself so if I can offer my time in any way to make this possible I'd be happy to do so


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