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I thought that the new v2.89 would be better than my v2.55.....

by judgedredd on 2022/05/16 05:55:25 AM    
Since I have had version 2.55 for a very long time without any issues at all, I thought I would upgrade to version 2.89.

That was a mistake. I quickly discovered that when starting a new download of a movie the program would crash after about 7 minutes. When I started the program back up the movie that I had been downloading had disappeared from the list of movies in the top part of the screen.

When reloading the torrent it would show that the file was still on the hard drive and I would then choose continue to continue the download. The crash would again occur after around 7 mins. This would go on every 7 minutes until the movie was downloaded.

I am going to have to go back to my previous version until whatever bugs are causing this crashing are sorted out.
by Guest on 2022/05/16 11:51:59 AM    
what OS?
are you sending the crash reports?
is it only one torrent that is causing the crashing?
if so, post a magnet link to it so a mod can send it to the devs.
by Guest on 2022/05/17 01:06:33 PM    
I agree, recent updates has killed this once great client !!! IT seems you have to manually monitor the client always....and it gets stuck and kill of the download quite often

DOES anyone have portable versions of 2.55??

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