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Block downloading requests.

by RandomERROR on 2022/05/10 09:24:12 PM    

 I download a torrent and it worked, but
then other people can downloaded it from me.
And it is quite a big problem for me, because
of the small bandwidth that I currently own.

 Is there a option in Tixati to block others
from downloading any torrents from me?

Thanks for any help!
by Guest on 2022/05/15 05:16:24 AM    

It is a peer to peer program, you are supposed to download and then re-seed to help others get the file you downloaded with the help of others, that's what P2P should be about, not just being a leecher but also a seeder.

But, you can always stop the torrent when you finish downloading, you can also modify the bandwidth so you can put outgoing to 1, you can change the upload time limit in Seeding, in settings > transfers you can change the Stop seeding on upload etc etc.
You can also enable the scheduler feature and do stuff that way to make sure the problem closes or transfers stop at the time you need them to.

But as long as you stop the torrent once you download it and that way nobody will get it from you.

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