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All files moving to completed folder including incomplete (turne

by Guest on 2022/05/02 08:25:37 PM    
Using Linux version 2.89. I have full pre-write file allocation turned on.

It has been at least a few years since I turned off some files from downloading and it was on Windows version at that time. Back then, only all the actually completed files moved to completed folder, the not/partial downloaded files were left behind in the downloads folder. I had full pre-write file allocation turned on here as well.

Yesterday on Linux version I needed to turn off some files. At completion all files moved to the completed folder even though some did not download. As expected the files not downloaded are empty/corrupt.

I liked how Windows version moved only the completed files to the complete folder as I have automation to move completed files to a storage folder structure.  Is it possible for Linux version to do this also?

Kind regards.

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