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Weird behavior with errors during file moves

by notaLamer on 2022/04/24 01:59:06 AM    
When a file move process of an entire torrent is interrupted due to an error, it's unclear where the files are. Clicking "Force Check" isn't enough to automagically retry the move, you must select the same target destination yourself and move the files again.

1. start moving
2. error because one file is open
3. folder still counts as not moved
4. force check just checks the file at old location
5. manually move
6. asked to merge
7. yes
8. move process begins anew
9. finally!

For UX, I'd have expected the "Force Check" button to repair the mess: here to try again (because the torrent was stopped anyway with an error msg). Maybe a different button should appear instead. I was also confused by the shown Properties of the torrent. I haven't checked, but it appeared the folder structure existed in both old and new locations, not sure about the files.

I dare not end this post without a THANK YOU for everything past and future!

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