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[Feature] Begin saving bt v2 hashes for future

by notaLamer on 2022/04/14 07:00:14 PM    
Bittorrent v2 has different hashes from v1. Tixati doesn't support the new protocol yet, but it'd be wise to begin to save the new hashes for a later update. So when a user loads v2 torrents/magnet-links today and in a few years Tixati gets support for the new version, it can pick up older torrents.

Such torrents are called "hybrid"
backwards compatibility

All new features in BitTorrent v2 that are not backwards compatible have been carefully given new names, to allow them to coexist with the v1 counterparts. Hence, it’s possible to create hybrid torrents. That is, torrents that can participate in both a v1 and a v2 swarm at the same time, serving the same files.

A hybrid torrent has two info-hashes, one v1 SHA-1 hash one (possibly truncated) SHA-256 hash. This forms two swarms, or a segregated swarm. libtorrent marks peers as supporting v2 or not. This information is also relayed via a new peer exchange (PEX) flag.

A hybrid .torrent file includes both piece hashes as well as the tree root hashes for each file.

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