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Feature Request

by Rudy on 2014/05/12 12:54:26 PM    
Feature request, simple but essential:
1. Ability to move .torrent file to certain folder after finish downloading.
  Currently only the download files can be automatically moved, but not the .torrent file.
2. Ability to move queue up or down with Up/Down button on the panel.
  So, user don't have to right click repeatedly.
3. Ability to move queue to top or bottom with Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down key.
4. On the add new torrent dialog, add an option to place the new torrent on top of queue.
5. Prevent the User Interface from lagging when starting several large torrent download (10GB up).
  Usually the User Interface lags (almost not responding) when starting several large torrent, while Tixati is preparing the files.
  This problem doesn't happen with other client that I've tried like uTorrent and qBittorrent.

by Sailor24 on 2014/05/12 08:27:56 PM    
The things you ask for are sort of there already. Unless you have an aversion to the mouse. You can save a .torrent file to any directory you want automatically, granted it is when the torrent starts, but I fail to see the significance of this. Totally beyond me why anyone would save a .torrent file. Maybe you could explain this, you are not the only one that wants this?

Look under Meta info in settings.

2,3 and 4 you can drag and drop queues up and down the list all you want. In the seeding section you can drag them to become seeds and displace the top active seed.

5 You need to change your file allocation to sparse. That is in local files. Granted once you do that you will have to manually make note of your free space on your download drive. Tixati won't check if you have the free space or not, it writes on the fly.
by Guest on 2014/05/15 01:05:09 PM    

These are the explanation why the features are needed:

- Point no.1:
Ability to move .torrent files when "starting" is totally different form when "finished". So, what is the significance of moving .torrent files when "finished"? The answer is somewhat the same as the reason to move download files when finished. We don't want unfinished and finished .torrent files mixed together in one folder. In my case, I move finished download files to another drive and make several copies to friends (Tixati is ok), and I do backup of only unfinished .torrent files regularly, just in case something happened like system drive failure (have to reinstall OS), so I don't have to manually select .torrent files among thousands of mixed together torrent files to restart download (Tixati is not ok since the finished and unfinished .torrent files are all mixed together). Sometimes I move .torrent files that is in queue for friends to download (Tixati is not ok since I have to find certain .torrent files among thousands unfinished and finished of .torrent files that are mixed together, like finding needle in haystack).

- Point no.2:
I agree with you, it's okay too for using dragging in Tixati. Just a matter of taste.

- Point no.3:
Having hundreds of torrents in queue, Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down key will get the queue to top or bottom faster (instantly) compared to dragging with mouse.

- Point no.4:
It matters if you have hundreds of torrents in queue, when you add some torrents that you already know you want to put on top, you don't have to drag them if Tixati have this option.

- Point no.5:
Okay I'll try using Sparse Files option. Thanks.
by Sailor24 on 2014/05/16 08:18:58 AM    
I guess I can understand if you have hundreds in queue. I have many but not hundreds in seed queue and find it a tad annoying that I have to drag a newly finished torrent from the #1 position in seed to the top of queue. I would prefer if it went to it's proper place in line instead first place.

It is still beyond me why you would save a .torrent file. It is just cludder. If a torrent is active. Copy and paste the complete torrent/file name into any indexer and you will get a copy of the torrent file. Best choice is BTdigg. Even google works. My question is why index something on your own computer that is indexed  by pro's in hundreds of places on the net?
by Guest on 2014/05/18 02:55:43 AM    
"It is still beyond me why you would save a .torrent file. It is just cludder"

I need to save unfinished .torrent files (not downloaded or still downloading but not finished), but not finished .torrent files.

The most important for me is to have and to backup unfinished .torrent file folder. Finished .torrent files is not important for me anymore, since I have a few copies of downloaded files.

It is useless for me to have a folder that have finished and unfinished .torrent files mixed together. Because, in case a system drive failure happened and reinstalled, I cannot recognize which .torrent files is unfinished (out of thousands in the folder), to download. Except if I pick them manually by comparing the .torrent files to thousands of my finished download file collection, but this will be like finding a needle in haystack.

Actually I don't need any indexing.

Btw, I also find that the command "Remove and Delete Local Files" don't even delete the .torrent files! What a pity.

I'm sure that a lot of some of prospective user need these feature (move finished torrent files, and delete .torrent files on "Remove Delete Local Files" command).

uTorrent have these feature and behavior I mentioned. uTorrent is very user friendly (because it is very simple but get the job done straightforwardly), have expected/predictable response/behavior, but it is too buggy and crashes regularly. Tixati is a great software, have fast and advanced download capability, not buggy, but still need only a minor tune so that some plain user like me can use.

I hope that the Tixati developer read our discussion.


by Sailor24 on 2014/05/19 12:58:45 PM    
I guess that is the point I am trying to get to. Even on an incomplete torrent the .torrent file or mag link is faster recovered at a search engine like Btdigg.
I downgraded to a earlier version of Tixati, when I did I lost all my torrent info on my seeds. Simply went to an index site copied each complete file name into search and got a new file. pointed the torrent to the existing file.

I saved .torrent files before and had to rename them ETC. Lots of work. New method of redownloading was faster.

Now I even have a better method. Again no saving of .torrent on download, but if I am going to seed the torrent on constant then I do things. I change where the file will be moved to on completion and then under Meta info I choose to save a copy of the .torrent file and it gets named the same as the file, instead of some torcache number that means nothing. I don't think it will be faster but maybe easier.

Just the way I do it. I find most of my dreams for features can be worked around in the program.
by Bugmagnet on 2014/05/19 05:44:34 PM    
having the files without the .torrent is like having a car without a key.

If you're into sharing and seeding, keeping the metadata handy is crucial.

The idea that it is a waste of space is unfounded. I just looked and have 1300 torrent files in a folder and it takes less than 50 MB. I pittance considering they are the keys to loading and seeding several TB of data. Sure, tixati may not need to keep the torrent, but what if the tixati database gets corrupted and requires a fresh install. How can you reload the files you are seeding without the marching .torrent files?
by Rudy on 2014/05/19 09:56:30 PM    

In case the torrent files that I have well organized .torrent file folder (that means unfinished and finished ones are separated, and deleted ones are really deleted from folder), when something happens like OS-Drive fails or torrent-client-database corrupts (like Bugmagnet mentioned) or client incompatibility, and then if the .torrent files are not working anymore, it's okay, at least I know which .torrent files and I can find them on the web.

In the contrary, if I have unorganized .torrent files (finished and unfinished mixed together and deleted ones are still in the folder), when something happens like OS-drive fails or torrent-client-database corrupts, I don't even know which torrent I'm still downloading or queuing, so I don't even know which .torrent files I need to do download or which file to seed.
by Guest on 2020/03/04 07:50:51 AM    
Hi guys, can you add deleting a torrent on DEL keyboard button and opening a folder where torrent is downloaded on ENTER button?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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