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Category for downloading and queued together

by Guest on 2022/04/08 05:43:21 AM    
There's a category for downloading and there's another category for queued. I wish there was a category that could have both of these together.

There's a workaround though: use filters and select Downloads + Queued + Running. But if 'seeding' is also added to the filters, then again, the current active download won't be at the top. There's no way to sort the items such that the current downloading item could be at the top. If sorted by status, queued is at the top, then downloading, then seeding, then standby for queue, and then offline.
by Guest on 2022/04/14 01:08:16 AM    
If you put Download and Queue categories under a separator, you should get both when you click on the separator.

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