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Why don't the tabs work?

by temnix on 2022/04/06 12:35:03 AM    
On the top of the Tixati window there are the tabs: Name, Bytes, farther to the right Progress. Usually with this kind of set-up it is possible to click on one of these to arrange lines by name, by size and so on, in ascending or descending order. In Tixati, though, nothing happens if I click on them. It's a sorely needed feature to be able to sort the downloads in alphabetical order, at least!
by Guest on 2022/04/06 02:07:04 AM    
on the transfers tab, click on the layout button
select sortable view
by Guest on 2022/04/07 08:28:48 PM    
Okay, but why isn't this the default? It's not like "Ordered view" is better somehow.

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