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Region locking incoming or outgoing connections?

by Guest on 2022/04/03 03:23:04 AM    
Hello, I'm wondering if there are any features in Tixati that would allow me to block certain countries from downloading from me, or uploading to me. Not both at once. Thank you!
by notaLamer on 2022/04/05 05:16:51 PM    
incoming/outgoing connections is different from uploading/downloading to a certain country.
Yes you can choose to block in/out connections in IP Filter by specifying country code, but:

DHT/Tracker still work. Outsiders will still know that you exist on the internet. If you block outgoing, a troll just need to create an incoming connection and you will dl/upload to him. If you block incoming, you'll eventually create a connection to troll yourself. It's not possible to block dl/upload.
ALSO THE IP FILTER WILL NOT SAVE YOU FROM WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO! Trust me! If you calculate $5 per month for VPN, to reach $500 (cost) you will have paid for 8.3 years of a VPN and have no issues for that amount of time.

If you need further help, contact me in Tixati User Group channel in Tixati's channels.

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