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Feature request: Automatic peer priority

by Guest on 2022/04/02 03:25:51 PM    
I have an OpenVPN server running in my LAN and my friend appears in my peers as

He can connect to me right away using the "Regularly add the following peers to every running transfer" feature, which is great!

However, if I want him to download stuff quickly I have to manually give him high priority every time.

It would be nice if I could automatically give certain peers high priority, as an example.

Perhaps it can piggyback off the current IP Filter feature? It would just need more options in the Actions field.
by notaLamer on 2022/04/05 05:11:39 PM    
Bump. Tixati could add support for uTorrent's isp.peer_policy_enable and have LAN IPs in there by default.

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