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Major issue Limit incoming shuts off internet

by Guest on 2022/04/01 11:54:51 PM    
Limit Incoming button no longer works right. Turn it off and Tixati runs full blast. Turn it on and Incoming traffic totally shuts off. Even if theres all 999999s in the limit box. And I mean ALL incoming traffic. Browsers and everything else shuts off too. Thats bad news because my hard drive runs too slow for my new fiber connection. I need to limits incoming bandwidth for now. Outgoing bandwidth limit seems to work fine. I may have to reinstall my older Tixati. It didnt have this issue. Tixati v2.89 on Win7. Incomplete pieces on SSD but Download location on spinning drive. SSD is way too small for my downloads. I will get a larger SSD soon to hold the big downloads till they complete. Till then I need bandwidth limit. I had no idea Fiber is too fast for spinning drives. My system ram on tixati grows and grows till my ram runs out because the spinning drive is too slow. All 32 Gigs of it. I need to slow the incoming bandwidth. The older Tixati could slow bandwith. This Ver2.89 cant.
by Guest on 2022/04/02 12:52:20 PM    
I gave up on V2.89. Its a total hunk of junk. I clean installed it on a new fast PC with a slow spinning drive big enough to hold terra bytes and Tixati initially ran ok. But it slowly hogged all the ram. Until there was no more ram left. Then everything was a mess. Couldnt do nothing on the PC. When I unplugged the internet cable, Tixati took about an hour to slowly give back all the 32Gigs of ram it hogged. When Tixati was down to about a Gig of ram, it finally started to move a file it completed to another drive. But that was slow too. Its copy rate was 50MB/s. About 1/3 of the speed of the drive. The drive LEDs flashed like a train crossing light. Read one, write the other. Theres no caching. A windows copy had both LEDs on at the same time. And windows copies 3 times quicker. So with Tixati getting buried with trying to keep up with fast Fiber internet, having to slowly move completed files just buries Tixati even more. On top of all that, when Bandwidth limiting is turned on to slow down the fiber, the internet access is shut off. Even when tixati finally gives back all the ram. Internet stays down until incoming bandwidth limit switch is turned off. Theres ram to run other programs, but the internet is still shut off. I have surfshark VPM with kill switch. It seems the killswitch is shutting the internet off. And Surfshark has a warning that theres something wrong with my internet connection. But Surfshark will not reconnect my internet until I turn OFF Tixati inbound bandwidth limit. Then the internet reconnects and Tixati starts to gobble up all the ram again as huge downloads flood in. Nothing ever crashed or blue screened for the hours I left it to just run. But nothing works with all the ram gobbled up. Clicking bandwidth limit shuts off the download entirely and my ram slowly comes back again. Im uninstalling this and going back to my older tixati V2.47.
by notaLamer on 2022/04/05 05:08:13 PM    
1. In my experience only channels consume a lot of RAM. If you have over 2000 torrents then Tixati is not fit for that as a client: high CPU and RAM usage :( How big is your channels.dat? I'm running 2.89 without issues here
2. Since you mentioned using a VPN, Tixati has an excellent force VPN setting: Network -> Connections -> Local IPv4/IPv6 address or interface. Select your VPN's network adapter there. Tixati will never leak after you do this.
by Guest on 2022/04/06 01:25:14 AM    
I dont use the channels feature. I dont know what it is. Channel.dat is 321 bytes in size. I did Add the Surfshark Windows Adapter in IPv4 and 6. More security is good. But Limit Incoming button is screwed up. Activating it shuts off the incoming almost entirely. Even with limit set to all 999999s. So you cant set a reasonable download limit. And since it does download just barely with the limit activated, then Surfshark isnt really killswitching the connection. But surfshark is reporting a problem with the connection. As for all the ram usage, when I am forced to turn off Bandwidth limit, my fiber connection floods Tixati with data. Way more than my hard drive write speed can keep up with. So Tixati ram usage grows and grows till all the ram is used up. Then the PC runs poorly. I could easily fix the situation by limiting the incoming bandwidth. But it doesnt work. So I will be getting a bigger SSD. That will allow Tixati and the fiber connection to run as fast as it wants without using up the ram. Thats the only fix that I know of. Theres nothing in the settings that I can find to fix this. AS for the number of torrents, I only run 30 to 50 for now. They are all over 100Gigs each. So I cant run too many without running out of drive space. Been doing seasons of TV shows.
by notaLamer on 2022/04/07 11:00:16 PM    
On my end the download+upload limits together don't work either. As soon as I enable download in addition to upload limit, the speed drops to near 0.
That RAM leak due to slow HDD sounds like an awful bug. You can try to change the "incomplete piece" location to a different disk than where all stuff is stored. e.g.: incomplete pieces: HDD1/SSD, download location: HDD2. Maybe this workaround will help a little
by Guest on 2022/04/08 08:10:53 AM    
I have a small SSD that the OS is using. I already keep the incomplete pieces on that SSD. It doesnt do any good. Well this program is being exposed to internet speeds that is was never designed for. New bugs were bound to pop up. Its going to take time for them to figure out the fixes. I may try out other clients and see how they work out. Long ago I chose this one only because it was not as famous and maybe not as targeted by the torrent police. Now that we got VPNs, theres no reason not to try out what everybody else uses.
by Guest on 2022/04/08 07:18:36 PM    
>  If you have over 2000 torrents then Tixati is not fit for that as a client:

can you recommend me a client for that?
by Guest on 2022/04/09 03:26:16 AM    
If you have over 2000 torrents then Tixati is not fit for that as a client:

Tixati works great for me and i have over 6000 torrents in Tixati with about half of them running.

just to clarify, its killing your internet only with v2.89, not any previous versions?
have you tried setting your incoming limit to a low level and see what happens?

my incoming limit and my outgoing limit work fine together on linux with v2.89
by Guest on 2022/04/09 09:33:00 AM    
Yea I tried choking the outgoing limit down but the incoming would start going wildly way up then way down in crazy fassion. I never found a sweet spot that got any where near a steady result. Ram hogging would eventually max out, or incoming would eventually just flat line. Probably because peers would drop out. Actually v2.48 has issues porpoising when incoming limit is activated. But at least it doesnt run away with the ram. Thats why I upgraded. I was hoping they already ironed the issue out. Hah. I dont know what they improved but its made Tixati completely useless on Fiber speeds if your still on spinning drives.

Yea, 2000 torrents is mind boggling. My 50 torrents would mostly fill a 5TB drive. Probably the most I ever had was in the 200s loaded up when I go on vacation.
by Guest on 2022/04/17 08:26:58 PM    
Ok. I got a bigger SSD. Not as big as I was wanting but Im kinda broke right now with covid crap draining my savings. Found a 2TB Samsung NVMe scratch and dent on Amazon and jumped on it for $150. And it was only used by 1.5TB. So somebody almost filled it up then sent it back. But it was not the same serial number as the box. So it turns out its the older controller version that had better performance on really large transfers. Doesn't slow down nearly as much as the latest drive with the Phoenix controller. So its got 3GB/s read and write on pcie3. So Im figuring it will make a big improvement in torrenting.

So here's what I found so far. The cream of my crop has already downloaded so Gigabit internet speeds are not happening right now. So maxing out my internet will have to wait. With provisioning, I only have 1.6TB to torrent with so there's no room to add hot new stuff for now. I been torrenting with a 5TB spinning drive so you see why this SSD is not ideal, but beggars cant be choosers. Im lucky I got the deal I got.

Anyways, I can now move files in and out of the torrent directory on the SSD without so much as a download hickup in Tixati. Also, the file checking feature can run without interrupting the downloading activity. And that's great news. Because Tixati takes all day to check several Terra bytes worth of unfinished torrents. So downloading was pretty much down while checking was going on. I figured it was because the spinning drive was just too slow to be doing everything. Its LED was on solid, after all. But that's not quite what I'm finding now. DL and checking can be done at the same time now. But checking is pretty slow. it would take the entire day to check 4 terrabytes of torrents. At 20 gigs a minute of checking, its now down to a bit over 3 hours to check 4 Terrabytes of unfinished torrents if you do a drive swap. But here's the thing. During the checking, only 20% of the CPU is being used. And SSD access speeds are only at about 500Gigs/second. So the SSD still has 2500Gigs of performance room and the cpu has another 80% capacity left. So whats Tixati doing???? I still got tons of ram left, cpu left and SSD speed left. What else is Tixati waiting for??? Its got everything it needs for torrent checking. So without being taxed with heavy internet speeds, Tixati still finds it impossible to use all the computer resources its got. So Im left scratching my head. With my fast system, this Tixati should be chewing thru everything. So things are better when your trying to throw hardware at it, but we still got basic inefficiencies going on. I'll do more experimenting as bigger slower torrents finish up and I get more room. I may try another client too. Theres no point to Gig internet if I cant really use it all.
by notaLamer on 2022/04/22 05:40:51 PM    
@Last reply: Tixati needs to compute the SHA1 (hash) checksum to verify the download. Tixati does not use SHA1 acceleration instructions and does the computation in a single thread, that's why it shows 20% CPU for you and doesn't go as fast as the NVMe SSD.
by Guest on 2022/04/24 09:27:59 PM    
Thanks for the info. I been looking at these 18 core CPUs that are on sale cut from $2000 to less than $400. I guess those wont help this either. Hah.

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