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Lack of Documentation or just can't find it

by WaltP on 2022/04/01 05:21:05 AM    
What do the numbers mean after "Downloading n1 (n2) n3 (n4)" mean?
Are they the same for "Seeding ..."?

by Guest on 2022/04/01 11:57:22 AM    
Downloading 1(2) 3(4)

1 = how many seeds you are connected to
2 = how many seeds are available
3 = how many peers you are connected to
4 = how many peers are available

seeding is the same.
by Guest on 2022/04/02 01:35:11 AM    
Thank you
by WaltP on 2022/04/02 06:48:15 AM    
So I assume this means even if I am connected to seeds, if not connected to peers, nothing downloads. IOW, if 2 (2) 0 (0) is displayed, no downloading will happen. Correct?
This is happening at this moment on a torrent.

by notaLamer on 2022/04/05 05:05:11 PM    
If you are connected to two seeds (see the torrent's Peers tab) and they show 100% but do not seed: they're either fake or don't have any upload bandwidth.
To be honest I've had some problems with uTorrent clients but I didn't check if they were really fake or just refused to upload to me... Try another client simultaneously if you can? like qBittorrent
by WaltP on 2022/04/06 01:29:43 AM    
Thanks, notaLamer.
What does 100% look like? There is nothing there that indicates 100% connected, at least to my limited knowledge.

I do use qBit periodically, but find it about 25% effective compared to Tix. About 10% of the time where Taxati downloads slowly, qBit sits there stalled for the duration. In very rare cases does qBit outperform Tix.

Like just now, I started qBit fresh and it was marching along like a champ with 7 minutes to go while Tix had 30 minutes left. Then they both stalled at 89.6%.

Ultimately, Q won and is seeding while Tix is vacillating between 1 and 2 minutes. Tix finally finished.

This torrenting stuff is really weird... And frustrating many-a-time.
by notaLamer on 2022/04/07 11:03:49 PM    
Go to transfers, click on a torrent. On the bottom select the tab "Peers" and see how much each peer has downloaded. If you do not see the Peers tab, you can change the layout: Top right there's a button "Layout", choose the Tab View. If you dont want to change the layout, right click the torrent and then Properties. It'll open details about that torrent. In the Peers tab you can click on a peer's Properties too for details

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