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Completed downloads contain broken pieces

by Guest on 2022/03/25 08:11:34 PM    
I'm having the problem that some completely downloaded files are broken. When I try to play them they don't play correctly. I then force recheck them in Tixati and it turns out a bunch of parts are "broken" and have to be redownloaded.
I'm using v2.88 portable but the problem was there in previous versions. They did complete downloading w/o trouble and are shown as standby.
Maybe someone else is having similar problems?
I don't want to reset the whole client and loose all torrents.
by CivilPDX on 2022/03/28 11:31:45 AM    
I've not had this issue, torrents always hash check fine.

I hope for your sake it's not, but it's entirely possible your storage is failing,
by notaLamer on 2022/03/28 05:00:10 PM    
Check with Crystal Disk Info that your HDD isn't breaking down. Tixati would refuse to save any pieces that can't pass integrity verification.
by WaltP on 2022/03/30 08:06:52 PM    
I have seen this, too. I download 2 versions of a video and one breaks up and the other is fine. I even do a force check on the bad file and no problems are reported.
by Guest on 2022/04/01 07:28:17 PM    
OP here.
I checked my HDD with CrystalDiskInfo and everything looks fine. No errors.
by notaLamer on 2022/04/05 05:02:27 PM    
Weird if you are to assume there's no HDD/OS fault then either the video file is broken (WaltP's case) or Tixati is...
OP, can you download the same file with qBittorrent? If you have 7-Zip installed then right click on both files downloaded through Tixati and QB then > "7-Zip Hash" > Choose any name from the list, like MD5. If the 0123abcdef values match for both files then they're absolutely equal. If they mismatch, one of the clients downloaded garbage.

PS: There're other ways to get a file's hash but its the simplest way to.
by Mercury on 2022/04/09 10:56:46 PM    
I have the same issue and never figured it out.
I just force check completed downloads and occasionally some will revert to having missing pieces. Usually they're 96-99% intact, but the worst case I ever had was a completed file going to 87% upon re-check.
No errors on my hard drive. I have a dedicated one for torrents.

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