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**** Tixati v2.89 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2022/03/19 03:50:57 AM    
March 18, 2022

Tixati version 2.89 is now available. This is a major update with several important changes:

- several memory optimizations in Transfers and Channels to reduce per-peer RAM consumption
- custom download and move-on-complete path selection no longer overwriting on new single-file transfers after meta-data resolved
- bandwidth statistics for Categories now persist between program restarts
- bandwidth chart Clear option now rolls back to last 5 seconds instead of last 60
- fixed rare crash in Windows build when closing a settings window too soon after a spinbox change
- fixed text entry box maximum length inconsistencies when using extended Unicode characters
- better Channel and Transfer peer removal algorithm, allows for more chances at hole-punch if total peer count is low
- fixed problems in Channel and Transfer peer DHT search result processing that would too aggressively throttle peer creation
- in main Channels list, several new optional columns
- icon for indication of current streaming status in Channels list
- new Users tab for Channels, with several sortable columns and some new buttons
- new fully-featured Admin Commands window, opened by pressing the Commands button in the Users tab
- at top of Channel Connections tab, several new buttons
- options in Connections tab to force DHT search, stop DHT search, or manually add peers
- chat window now saves all text between program sessions
- timestamps and join/leave notifications can now be toggled within the backbuffer
- backbuffer user message name tag is a different color if the user is currently offline
- chat text entry box changes color if the channel is offline or temporarily disconnected
- moved several streaming log messages to Event Log tab
- revised timing of topic change and MOTD messages
- show user public key in all tooltips
- new field sttl for Channel info control directive, which controls user cache lifetime
- better management of Channel user connection cert issuance within the Admin Commands window
- less CPU usage maintaining aggregate Channel shared link/line counts
- account for 6to4 when setting narrow/wide network bans for IPv6
- user level changes take effect much more quickly
- fast user share data re-caching after level changes from Basic or lower to Normal or higher
- fixed crash in Forum tab when messages become de-synced from current user list
- eliminated time reminder and user name prompt first time Channels are run
- fully revised Contacts view
- new Ignore system, accessible from the contacts top button menu
- ignored Channel users and Transfer peer IPs managed in same view
- user Browse window has been completely re-done
- nearly instant user Browse, even if they are sharing the maximum limit
- new Browse find-bar, and keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-F and F3 / Shift-F3
- completely new and much faster multi-line color text control that provides chat message views and user browse view
- fixed problem with tree view column sort indicators not initially showing in GTK build
- eliminated throttle reminder popup on first startup
- fixed problems with treeview single-column mode not using full width of available space until resized
- minor adjustment to editbox height in filter bars and search view
- fixed problem in Windows build with control focus becoming de-synced when a child modal window is destroyed
- fixed problem in GTK build with control lose-focus notification being lost during modal window destruction, preventing final save
- minor updates to Dark and Light color themes
- several other minor tweaks and adjustments throughout the GUI
- updated IP-location tables

More updates are on the way.

Thanks for using Tixati!

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