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Migration to new computer

by Guest on 2022/02/19 04:17:45 AM    
I'm moving all my programs/data to a new computer.  I would like to know if there is an easy way to transfer all my torrents, configurations, bandwidth settings, and categories to my new computer.  Is there a folder or files which will accomplish all this?

Thanks for the help
by Guest on 2022/02/20 10:54:11 AM    
You can use the Tixati Settings > Import/Export feature.
by CivilPDX on 2022/02/20 05:28:31 PM

yup, simply export a tixaticonfig on your old pc and import on your new pc.
by Guest on 2022/08/27 09:18:22 AM    
Hello All,

Hate to drag up an old thread but I'm having a similar problem.

I moved my Tixati install to a new machine.  I used the settings export tool on my old computer and imported the setting on the new box. That seemed to go well..

Then I moved all the partial downloads over to the new box.  That's where I'm stuck.  

All the old downloads do appear on the new box.  But, all in red. Downloaded data appears to be correct ie. 15.6 G of 91.4 G.. etc. etc.

When I go to start the download and I get  " error getting file info: The device is not ready. (21)

Same if I force a recheck.

I've started a brand new download on the new machine and that download is progressing properly. So, it's not a write permission?

Does anyone have any ideas?  Any idea what Error 21 is?


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