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why everything offline?

by Guest on 2022/02/17 04:48:04 PM    
When I open Tixati, it generally shows all my download history and the seeding activity. When I start a new download, it gets the meta data and then downloads.
Now, everything shows "offline". Nothing is seeding, nothing is downloading.
I'm not torrent savvy, so it may be a simple solution, any help would be appreciate.
Also, just had this laptop fixed, new hard drive installed and windows 7 again. I also run a vpn when using Tixati.
by notaLamer on 2022/02/18 07:49:36 AM    
Offline: offline means a torrent in progress was stopped. You just need to select it and start again (CTRL+A to select all)

VPN - This setting will make sure Tixati never transmits data without VPN: With your VPN running, open Tixati settings, under 'Network > Connections', next to 'Local IPv4 address or interface', click the '...' button and choose your VPN connection. If you do not know which one it is, go to Network Adapter settings in Windows and see which one changes when you disconnect/reconnect from VPN. In the drop downmenu of the '...' button, select the row that looks like {ab123cd-123-cd123-fabfd84} to select the VPN connection.
If your VPN does not have IPv6 then disable it. Otherwise select the same interface.
by Guest on 2022/02/18 06:49:19 PM    
I may have figured some of it out. The downloaded files, which usually seed, I had moved them into another folder, and tixati was looking in the original folders. I haven't tried a new download yet.
by Guest on 2022/05/04 03:53:15 PM    
No luck. Some of my recent downloads, they show as Complete-Offline. Some recent downloads don't show up at all.
Downloads go into a folder called Sample Music. The settings seem to show that seeds look there for files. There are some sub-folders for some downloads, but not sure if that matters.
I added my "vpn tap adapter" to the IP4V.
I'm lost as to what to do.
by Guest on 2022/05/04 04:24:17 PM    
So today I downloaded a CD. Once it was complete, it started to seed. So I guess something I did (maybe the VPN thing) fixed the issue moving forward.
But what about all the past downloads, why won't they seed? Still "Complete-Offline".
by notaLamer on 2022/05/07 12:01:59 PM    
Complete-Offline: either you stopped it manually or it reached a stop ratio/stop seed or a similar condition. You have to Start it manually to resume seeding.

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