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Feature Request:Ability to change the refresh rate of the UI

by Guest on 2022/02/02 09:34:31 PM    
I would like the ability to change the refresh rate of the user interface.  Right now it's quite fast at (my best guess) of 2-3 times per second.  This can have a small to large impact on system resources depending on how may files are seeding/leeching.  I would like to slow it down to reduce the load on my system a bit, especially if I have to run multiple graphic intensive programs.  I don't want to touch the actual bandwidth that is used for uploading and downloading.  We can already adjust that.  I would like to change how often the information for each upload/download on the transfer/bandwidth tabs, as well as any other location that continually refreshes data displayed to the user.

Thanks for all the improvements that have been done.  They make a great product better.
by notaLamer on 2022/02/03 04:27:21 PM    
I agree. Due to sorting by bandwidth, it's very very hard to click on a torrent because they move away so fast.
by Guest on 2022/12/03 08:59:23 AM    
I also would like to be able to adjust the UI refresh rate.  Most of the time when running Tixati I don't really care what the refresh rate is, but when I'm doing really a large download, I would like system resources concentrated on the download instead of updating the screen so often.  Most of the time, I'm sure, I would turn the refresh rate way down, since I'm not watching it all the time, especially over night.  If I need to monitor closely for some reason then the ability to turn back up, or down would be really great.  I want Tixati to have as much resources as possible concentrated on downloading, not showing me every second or so how much was downloaded.

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