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how to create and share private torrent

by utxo on 2022/01/14 12:27:17 PM    
how to create private torrent and share it only to a selected peer(s)?
So anyone with torrent file or magnetic link can download, and torrent is not on any tracker.
I would like to use tixati as a ftp client and server.
by TX007 on 2022/01/15 01:52:23 AM    
All the torrents in this world are private until someone share the torrent file or magnet link on a public website (setting the torrent as private from the menu is just to disable DHT which is required by private trackers only). So just create the torrent normally, then share the magnet link or torrent file with the person you want.
by utxo on 2022/01/15 02:58:40 PM    
but, what is "private" flag when creating torrent, then, used for?
by TX007 on 2022/01/15 08:24:19 PM    
by utxo on 2022/01/15 02:58:40 PM    
but, what is "private" flag when creating torrent, then, used for?

It's just to disable DHT (which is a method of connecting peers with each others without the need of trackers). Private trackers don't like DHT because it allows anyone who has the torrent file or magnet link to download the data without being a member of the tracker. In your case it's better to have DHT enabled (don't check private torrent flag) , and you can add the following stable public trackers to your torrent file (because DHT can be slow finding peers):

(Trackers removed by Mod)

Those trackers will not share your torrent file or the magnet, they only connect peers who have already the torrent file or magnet link with each other.
by Guest on 2022/01/15 08:35:56 PM    

You can't make a full privacy torrent as such, the hash for a torrent is 40 'hex' characters long (ie hex being to the power of 16)

40 to the power of 16 = 40^16 = 42,949,672,960,000,000,000,000,000 (42 Septillion combinations)

Normally people create a torrent which generates a hash, they upload this hash to a torrent site, thus publicising it with a title globally.

If you generate a torrent and never tell anybody the hash, somebody else will likely never discover it.

However, your torrent client, ie TIXATI will advertise or search the DHT (Distributed Hash Table) which is kind of a routing map for torrents,
Some people 'monitor' the DHT for hashes and when an unknown one is seen, a bot type client can come looking to see what it is by requesting your metadata.
Metadata then reveals filenames and file-sizes.

What private mode does is disable the DHT so the hash will never be advertised or searched (leaked) on the DHT routing map.
Also it defeats the purpose if you then go on and use a public tracker URL in your client. So you'd use a private tracker.
Finally I think private mode can also stop PEX (Peer EXchange) where peers "exchange" information about more seeds/leechers that have been found or seen.

Maybe that helps understand a little?
by TX007 on 2022/01/16 01:06:55 AM    
I would like to add here that you can password protect the files you are willing to share, using file archivers like the free 7-Zip. Then you will have just to send the combination of magnet link (or torrent) + the password of the archive to the person you want to share the data with (make sure the password is strong by using at least 20 characters). In this case even if an unwanted person monitors DHT hashs and finds your torrent as mentioned by "Guest", he can just download useless encrypted data.
by janet on 2022/08/28 03:13:37 AM    
v3.11 has just been released which makes creating new torrents quick and easy.

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