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No way To Force "Tit For Tat" ?

by TX007 on 2022/01/11 08:41:27 PM    
After adding some torrents to Tixati v2.87 , i noticed that when i'm leeching and trading data with other peers, the program ignores "Tit For Tat" rule. For example a peer was sending me data with around 1KiB/s and Tixati was sending him back with around 10 KiB/s until he got 20MiB from me and i got only 2MiB from him (he still had more torrent pieces that i need). This way the other peer can simply get what he wants from me then stop sharing data at all!
by notaLamer on 2022/01/14 10:07:33 AM    
Bandwidth tab > Advanced button > Outgoing Seeding/Trading % > Only enable Trading, choose percentage. Tixati will then attempt to trade up to this % when possible, otherwise seed with maximum speed.

There's no way to really prevent leeching i.e. enforce fair tit for tat. That's why trackers and ratios still exist. Let them download, but set up priorities in a way that never affects you.
Don't forget the person on the other end cannot always be as fast as you, maybe slow speed, paid traffic or already uploads a lot.

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