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multiple hard discs on linux

by Guest on 2022/01/07 01:10:09 AM    
hi, my system has a seperate HDD where i want to store tixati downloads. i set the storage option for the HDD and download the files i want and everything is fine until i switch off. switch back on and tixati cant find the files try to find them on tixati  but the message is that the files are missing. but the files are still where tixati downloaded them to this is on linux mint 20.2 but on Windows 10 this option works perfectly. is their a way to make it work on linux
by notaLamer on 2022/01/07 07:32:17 PM    
The disk is not mounted (opened) by default. You need to make sure it is automatically mounted on boot. One solution is /etc/fstab but there're software tools that can automount everything. Have a look online what's best for you.
What happens is that Tixati tries to find a path leading to this disk, but none of it yet exists, because the disk was not opened.

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