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bug report: BSOD

by Guest on 2022/01/05 05:55:55 PM    
I was always getting bsods with tixaiti but rarely, but recently (ver2.87) i got 2 bsods within hour with 2 downloads capped at 1 mb/s, few fetching meta info, and another one is 0 peers 0%, nothing extraordinal. I also have all connections limits in settings set to max, and i have a lot of trackers (288) (it was 477 before i deduplicated them :) )
bsod errors were something about non paged area, and kernel something.
by notaLamer on 2022/01/06 12:06:50 PM    
This is most likely bad hardware of your PC. 15-17 years ago Bittorrent clients were stressing the network hardware so hard, consumer PCs were getting BSODs on Windows XP because the network card drivers weren't ready for this much load...
You should try Tixati on a second computer at home, if you have one, with all transfers and settings copied over there. Also you must check that your RAM is not broken. All of this is hard to help with.

OS version and updates? Motherboard, network card? RAM? Drivers?
by t2t on 2022/01/06 08:52:32 PM    
This is either a bad driver or bad hardware. Normal programs cannot cause a BSOD. Suggest running Windows Update and also memtest86+, as bad memory is often a culprit.
by Guest on 2022/01/07 08:49:11 AM    
windows 1903, skylake cpu, memory is ok, tixaiti stress test is ok.
bsods happened with motherboard network adapter and with with wi-fi usb adapter, speed at all times was below 50 mbit/s

i'll try to pay more attention when and how it happens, try to change memory settings and cpu voltage.
by notaLamer on 2022/01/07 07:33:30 PM    
Skylake, Kaby Lake and other Intel CPUs have a severe hyper-threading bug:
Try to disable hyper-threading first. If it doesn't help I will tell you how to run a memtest86+

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