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Donations; I would generously donate .. *if* ..

by mysternad on 2022/01/01 07:00:28 AM    
I'm an open-source dev and have made many, many freeware tools/programs/game-hacks for a few different communities.. The biggest / most widely used was being a developer on the Windower project for FinalFantasy XI Online, back in the day; Probably have several thousand hours into just that project alone, to say nothing of all the other projects I've been a part of.  
(Windower's also one of the ones I'm most proud of. Hacking one of the first true MMOs to circumvent the dev's forced full-screen mode, if you alt-tabbed the game would immediately crash.)

Anyway, tl;dr is that I'd be happy to donate, even on a monthly basis IF you were willing to open-source the project.  (ps; why not set up a patreon? I'd sub to it)

That's the only real drawback/flaw/complaint I have about Tixati, that it's NOT open-source.  It boasts being ad/spy-ware free, no malicious code, no telemetry or horsesh*t like that.  I started with BitTornado (still an awesome lightweight client), then uTorrent for a very short time, onto Deluge.. And Tixati for the last several years.  I REFUSE to use any other client

That said, I still recommend Tixati to every person I discuss torrenting with when I discover they're using any of the other cluttered sketchy clients (uTorrent, Transmission, Deluge, qBitTorrent, etc)
by Guest on 2022/01/01 12:49:46 PM    
I totally agree, many people are keeping away from Tixati just for the simple reason that they are open-source-freaks and Tixati doesn't have that magic word in it, nothing bad would happen if Tixati suddenly got open, maybe few half-assed forks which would be used by ten ppl at most lol but who cares? it's still tixati-based in the end

People are usually proud of the code they have written and want to show it off and improve it,

I keep my stuff closed-source only when I have copypasted lots of code from everywhere xD
by Guest on 2022/01/01 03:54:50 PM    
So they will open the source and wait for the first mounth donation? kkkkk Dude you use some Microsoft, Google, Apple or Facebook product? You give lots of money and personal data to this multi millionary companies, every day, and continue to use the closed source products very happy and jumping as a bunny.
by mysternad on 2022/01/01 11:53:24 PM    
I run Linux Mint. The only software I pay for?- Games.  For my phone?- I run LineageOS.   So your argument is moot.  The ONLY software I "support" is open-source, because I want the *developers* to get the credit and money, not some rich cuck CEO sitting at the top, sucking down million dollar bonuses for bangin' the secretary and f*cking up elections.

I'm not opposed to MacroHard's Windows and whatnot, people that don't have the time or desire to learn a new OS and just prefer what's familiar and works without any user-input need a dummy-proof way to use a computer. Windows is great for that, for people that don't care or that just can't be arsed to learn anything different (eg; better)

That said, I *do* have a legal (just not to "me", exactly) copy of Win10 Ent with all the telemetry turned off (I work IT for a large bank, it's their corporate version of Windows that has zero telemetry and spyware crap) that I run on an old i5/960m) laptop anytime I have to do Windows development.

But I do all my gaming on Linux as well. (CyberPunk2077 worked the *minute* it went live on Steam without any issue or configuration required.)  Gaming performance on Linux is mostly on-par with Windows nowadays, so there really is no reason to be forced into Windows or Linux anymore. What works in one typically works in the other.

Lastly; Going open-source means other developers can submit bugfixes via pull-requests and we can FINALLY get the window-dragging issue fixed.

(Edit; Oh, and no, I don't use social media. I've been online every day since mid-1995; I saw MySpace become a thing in college and KNEW it was gonna be a sh*tshow -- I've never had MS/FB/Twitter/IG/whatever, and never will.)
by Guest on 2022/01/02 04:55:08 PM    
Congratulations, I also like open source a lot dude, but it is not essencial, you make a software you decide what to do with the code, and is very, very hard to believe which you do not use anything closed source, any piece of software or services, like messengers for business and work, phone apps, adobe products, and even your graphic card driver to play CyberPunk :D, because it is IMPOSSIBLE! Also this Win version have zero telemetry and spyware crap, for sure, as Snowden said... This vesion is absolutelly clean, and the ONLINE closed source games? :D And all your devices drivers? You trust the games and drivers? This drivers you known is a low level software which can do really nice INVISIBLE MAGICS! Even bypassing your firewall! You is very smart right? You really trust this things guy? I don't trust! I don't trust online games dude! Never! Never forget, the only way to stay completelly secure is stay completelly OFFLINE. If you connect for one second, is DONE!

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