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Tixati Force Check hangs in reading a long torrent file name

by loninappleton on 2021/12/26 05:17:21 AM    
I got this long file name as a torrent but Force Check cannot read it.
Can a torrent editor be used to fix the long name and still keep the torrent active?
As you can see there's a semicolon separator and the MD5 unique code is part of the

 I had some local problems with this in transferring the content where Win7 said file name too long, shorten the name.  I have X-ed out a lot of it since I don't want any problem not in the torrent site.  Perhaps a torrent editor (I have one of those) can fix it:


Well that's as much as I can fiddle with it.  I did not count actual characters. There are a couple of real spaces and that semicolon then the word  'MD5' followed by the number then .iso and .torrent
by Guest on 2022/01/01 07:13:47 AM    
You can only try to put it to drive root (like C:\) for location/length. A torrent editor won't help iirc, you need a client (another client?) that allows you to change the final filename.
If all that fails, you'll need Microsoft's latest file system ReFS that supports 32K long file names.

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