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RSS auto-download issues

by lazyindfw on 2021/12/19 06:29:46 PM    
In my RSS feed, whenever I get a new episode of something, it tends to give me a "No Auto-Download: Exceeds per episode max" error.  Here are my settings, but I've tried playing around with them and it doesn't help.  I've tried changing Maximum auto-downloads for same episode to 10, but no luck so I changed it back.  

Activate RSS Feature: On

Auto-Start Options
Start new feeds: Check
Start previously running feeds on program startup: Check

New Feed Default Processing Options
Minimum feed update interval: 30 min
Item history size: 200
Auto-download items
Initial: Yes
Normal: Yes
Maximum auto-downloads for same episode: No limit
Auto-download item file count limit: Not checked
Auto-download KB
Min: Not checked
Max: Not checked
Magnet-links eligible for auto-download: Yes
Auto-start new item downloads: Yes

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