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Setting bandwidth throttle to allow prioritizing downloads

by Dimitri001 on 2021/12/19 10:12:04 AM    
When I try to set bandwidth priorities for downloading torrents, Tixati tells me "Bandwidth priority changes have no effect unless the bandwidth throttle is set" and then it tells me to go to the bandwidth tab to adjust the throttles, but all I see there is the option to limit overall incoming and outgoing traffic.

I'm under the impression that setting bandwidth priorities for downloading torrents will make Tixati allocate greater bandwidth to priority #1 and lesser to priority #2, meaning, in practical terms, that #1 will download at greater speed than #2, but I don't understand how the overall download bandwidth limit has anything to do with this.

Can someone explain? Does the priority function do what I think it does and what's the overall download throttle got to do with it?
by Guest on 2021/12/20 01:51:05 AM    
ive been using for years but even after reading about it idk what bandwidth throttle means lmao

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