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A padlock next to the filename

by nounours18200 on 2021/12/16 08:25:46 PM    

I have been using Tixati for months, and it is the first time that I see a padlock just at the right of a filename .

The download is in porgress but I see a yellow adlock just after the filename, look at the screen capture here:

What does this yellow padlock mean ??
by Guest on 2021/12/17 12:29:38 PM    
From the support page:

If you see a lock icon next to a name, it indicates a 'private' torrent. This means DHT and PEX will not be used for this transfer. This is meant to control access to the swarm via the tracker.
by nounours18200 on 2021/12/17 01:59:05 PM    
OK thank you !

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