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Tixaty does not allow you to keep more than 21 torrents active

by Guest on 2021/12/16 09:36:04 AM    
Hello! In general, I am very pleased with the work of Tixaty, in my opinion it is one of the most convenient and effective torrent clients. The only thing that bothers me is the transfer limit. At the moment, my client (Tixaty v.2.83) has 21 torrent in seeding mode. If I want to add at least one more torrent (no matter for downloading or uploading), one of the active torrents will be stopped automatically immediately. That is, Tixaty does not allow me 22 or more active torrents. What should I change in the settings to remove these annoying restrictions? Because of this problem, I have to use two torrent clients at the same time (my second client is qB v4.3.9 and there is no such problem in it). Thank you in advance for the recommendations.
by Guest on 2021/12/16 06:53:06 PM    
by Guest on 2021/12/17 04:21:22 AM    
Thank you for your response. It was worth mentioning that I didn't make any changes to the settings, all the values in my client look the same as in the picture. If it's about bandwidth, then it remains unclear why these restrictions do not apply to my second client (qBittorent v4.3.9). On the second page of the forum, I found the topic: "Seeding torrents going on standby for no reason". The problem was proposed to be solved in the following way: "You can disable this feature in Settings > Transfers > General > disable the Auto-manage slots for Uploads". Maybe I should try it too.

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