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Request: Optional desktop/start menu shortcuts

by rjk3 on 2021/12/12 11:35:14 AM    
Will you please give the option for Tixati not to install shortcuts.

I have donated money for the continued development of the software, based on the line that users are respected.

This is an option I've waited a long time to be offered, and is one that I think actually demonstrates respect for its users. I appreciate the hard work put into this software, which IMO is superior to other P2P software. From looking in the history of the forum, other users have asked for this feature and IMO were treated rudely and were dismissed.

I'm confident that including this feature would be relatively trivial. It would be as simple as 2 extra checkboxes on the installation screen. Better yet, a basic check for previous choices (e.g. a simple file in the installation folder with binary choices) to have them automatically deselected.

This would improve the experience of those of us who enjoy having a choice as to what appears on our desktop, start menu, context menu, etc.

Thank you.

- Russell
by Mercury on 2021/12/13 12:24:48 AM    

While it's not terribly onerous for users to delete the shortcut on every install/upgrade, the choice is such a standard feature on nearly all installers that it's just weird for Tixati not to have it.

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