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Not able to repeat the download of  files that were downloaded i

by Guest on 2021/12/08 01:52:26 PM    
Sometime ago I deleted a file (a pc game) that was previously downloaded with a magnet link.
Now I want the game again so I found the same torrent on internet. The problem is that after opening the tixati (magnet link) there will be a message saying "some transfers that were loaded are duplicates of existing transfers". Also, in the message box there is the message " ....has the same info-hash as existing transfer named". Options: "Merge trackers into existing transfers?" yes or no.

Well, whatever I do (click yes or no) I am not able to repeat the downloaded game that its not already in my computer (so I dont understant why it says such messages) neither I have the torrent (I think) in my pc, since it was magnet download.

Any help on how to downloaded again files that were once downloaded? Thanks!!

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