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A humble request for more VPN options

by Guest on 2021/11/22 07:38:23 PM    
Hello all,

It has come to my attention lately that Nord VPN's support of the SOCKS5 proxy standard is waning,
and they no longer list servers that support it on their server-picker webpage.
(There's a way to get around this for the moment, with a powershell command to address their API directly, but the fact it isn't available to the public really says something)

The supported protocols for their P2P VPN servers are as follows:

IKEv2/IPSec IPv6

It's really convenient to be able to connect to the VPN directly from your torrent client, rather than through any of the more complicated means.
Creating a new user on my machine, creating a VM that is running all the time to virtualize Tixati, and other tricky things.

The original reason I discovered Tixati was because qBittorrent didn't work with NordVPN anymore.
I've grown attached to Tixati, and would like to see the VPN features given some love. Even though they're probably super complicated and difficult to upgrade.
The torrent client that does everything, might as well support a protocol other than SOCKS5 right?

Thank you for your time, and I hope others agree this would be a good change.

PS I didn't scroll the forum at all before posting this, so it's possible that this gets asked every other day, so I apologize if that's the case.

by notaLamer on 2021/11/30 10:22:54 AM    
You don't need a SOCKS5 proxy to use Bittorrent safely:
Network - Connections - Local IPv4/IPv6 address or interface = Select your VPN adapter
This will ensure Tixati never bypasses the VPN connection. It will continue to use the system's DNS resolver however. Bonus feature: port-forwarding can work since you're no longer behind a proxy.
by Guest on 2021/12/10 06:56:14 PM    
This requires the VPN be active for the entire system though, which compromises your identity and also funnels all your non-torrent traffic, which you may not want going through the VPN.

As far as I can tell, there are exactly zero working strategies for sending just 1 program through the VPN on Windows.
Or alternatively, hiding the NordVPN TAP adapter from all the other programs.

Whenever the adapter has an active connection to a VPN server, all your programs automatically use that internet connection rather than your outside-VPN one.

I may just be missing something here but sending my entire computer's traffic through the VPN seems silly.
by Guest on 2021/12/16 09:33:19 AM    
I would like to add to this, the only feasible option I see here is a WireGuard tunnel. I've recently been using it system-wide instead of OpenVPN since AirVPN (my favourite provider, has port forwarding too) introduced WireGuard support. I get better upload and download speeds with it - the reference implemenation of WireGuard is only ~4,000 lines, uses secure and up-to-date encryption and hashing, and it doesn't have a complicated protocol at all. If the developers of Tixati were interested I have no doubt they could implement or use a library to add WireGuard support to Tixati, alongside the existing SOCKS support.

This would be an amazing feature - you would be able to torrent over a VPN, irrespective of whether you were connected to one system-wide.

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