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Suggestion: - open Tixati .dat format to dev community

by Owyn on 2021/11/22 10:48:00 AM    
open Tixati .dat format to dev community so we could make migration tools like those existing for qBitTorrent for example (cuz its format is open)

Many (if not most) people are being held back from switching to Tixati because of their existing torrent list in their torrent client (including finished torrents and torrents with already deleted files)

If we could have a migration tool to fully replicate torrent list without any rechecks or changes - people would come and try out Tixati without anything holding them back cuz they could just migrate back if needed
by Guest on 2021/11/22 01:51:06 PM    
by Owyn on 2021/11/22 09:06:38 PM    
or... just start using SQLite for it
would be nice if you at least considered the effect of the switch, - maybe it'd be an improvement in performance

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