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RSS feed error "host not found" Magnet link is on the webpage

by Guest on 2021/11/19 08:49:12 AM    
HI and Kia-ora from New Zealand firstly love your software!!

So my RSS links stopped working recently. In the log file it says
downloading meta-file from
error getting meta-info >
I go to the site and it doesn't exist. From the page its scraping the torrent links from there is a "download torrent" button which is that site in the logfile. But under that button there is a "Magnet Download" one which i can click and get the magnet link. Is there a reason or way to make the RSS feed grab the magnet link? I have the option "Magnet-Link items eligible for auto download" to yes
which you like the site in question?

Thanking you


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