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transfer query

by darool on 2021/11/09 09:46:46 AM    
scrolling through my transfer tab, i'm not sure why i need to know what is ip filtered.  it seems logical, that if a IP is filtered, i shouldn't even be seeing it???  instead, i do scroll through the logs and ignore those, as i'm not sure if the prog is doing so ... is it, or is it taking up a seed/peer slot?

the prog, Tix already recognizes that it's "ip filtered", so it seems just a simple task ... i would assume just to sweep that bugger under the rug.

while i'm ranting about the transfer tab, i often try to sort ... both in the transfer tab and the tracker tab and eliminate bad elements.  the sorting isn't working properly in the transfer tab and is non-existent in the tracker tab ... the latter, well would just be redundant programming of the first.

awesome prog btw.  ty, i lost faith in utorrent a long time ago when i heard the creator sold out.
by Guest on 2021/11/12 06:18:04 PM    
Tixati unlike other clients keeps information about previous peers for a long time. This made it possible for users to 'hunt down' malicious spying peers (search the forum for the threads)
The IP Filtered peers will remain in the list for some time, unless they remain online then they'll stay there all the time.
Manually blocked (right click) peers will remain and be shown until the next restart.

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