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Please Support Drag and Drop from the Client

by Wulfryke on 2021/11/04 04:54:03 AM    
As we currently stand the Tixati client is by far my favorite torrent manager, however it lacks one important feature that, in my opinion, is needed. The feature being the ability to drag a file from the client to a destination. Primarily used for video files where you can drag and drop directly into the video player, or for program downloads where you can drag and drop the file into virustotal without having to manually open file location each time.
by Guest on 2021/11/05 07:08:11 AM    
You can double click ("Open") all files except .exe to run them in the default program. Tho I agree drag and drop is a good idea ~user
by Guest on 2021/11/06 04:24:24 AM    
Yes, double clicking is fine the problem with that comes though at the time you have your video player trying to index files. I have 763 titles with the  title. This isn't a major deal, however when trying to start a new video via double clicking it will index 762 titles prior to loading video compared to drag and drop where it will only index the file dropped.

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