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Keyboard shortcut bug report

by Guest on 2021/10/09 03:21:21 AM    
Using Windows 10 with last version of Tixati, when adding a new torrent I can't open the filter using Ctrl + F to filter files by name, to select only few files. Is there another way to open the files filter without the shortcut?
by Guest on 2021/10/10 08:51:00 PM    
In the past I used qBittorrent and now I'm trying Tixati, can someone help me please in how to open the filter I can't find anything documented.
by Guest on 2021/10/11 01:16:52 PM    
It is simple. Click on Layout button and check Text Filter.
That's all.

by Guest on 2021/10/14 02:17:43 PM    
Thanks, but how to enable text filter on new torrent popup? This is essencial to me, I need use this filter so much. Please how I can do it?
by Guest on 2021/10/18 05:01:40 PM    
Is impossible to enable because Tixati don't has this filter, the way is expand all folders and start a search line by line using your eyes and you time :)

Good luck!

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